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I’m in Israel on a tourist visa. A couple months ago we extended it from three months to six. As far as I know you can extend a tourist visa as many times as you want, if you don’t intend on staying permanently. My visa expires June 2nd. A couple weeks ago Ram called the Immigration Office to set up an appointment, which is on June 1st! They know my visa expires on June 2nd but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as I see them before-hand. It makes me really nervous having the appointment just the day before. What if they don’t extend it?! How much time will I have to find a ticket and pack up all my stuff?

So other then stressing out over if I’m staying or leaving, I’ve been living a very chill summer life. I go on bike rides, do yoga, meditate, hike and hang out at the beach.

Ram borrowed a bike from his brother in-law, that he planned on riding to the train every morning, but he hasn’t, so I adopted it. Even on the lowest setting the bike is really tall for me, I have to hop to get on. I don’t LOVE riding it around town so much because stopping and starting is pretty hard but, for longer bike rides it’s perfect.

Hanging out at the beach (a fifteen minute drive away) is my favorite pastime. The other day I had the car so I went in the morning to do yoga. Yoga on the beach is heaven! I set my mat on the sand under a wood canopy that faces the sea. It was so relaxing and refreshing to feel the soft breeze and hear the waves crashing while I practiced. When I finished it was probably about 90 degrees so I jumped in the Sea for a swim. It was a perfect summer day.

Yoga and meditating are probably the only reason I’m still partly sane… I’ve been in Israel for over five months now. A lot of people say they’re jealous but they only see the beautiful and fun parts. Yes, I do have some really great times but also really REALLY hard times. I often feel isolated, trapped and useless. I’m in a never ending vacation, and not in a good way.

Here are some pictures of the beach close to my apartment.


3 thoughts on “Tourist

  1. I like your perspective. The longest vacation as an adult that I had was last year when Amy and I went to Italy and Switzerland. Switzerland was especially peaceful and we didn’t have as many sights to see. During those less rushed times, I wondered what it would be like to live like that all the time.

    In some ways vacationing isn’t normal life – no plans, no schedule, no routine. However a break from normal is good… Perhaps redefining normal is something we all should do every now and then.

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  2. After my recent and very limited experience I shared with you about a gym I was trying out I have just a small idea of what being isolated from everyone around you because of language and culture feels like. I’m glad you have yoga and meditation to help you continually recenter your self. I love you 😘

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