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Trip to the Woods

Last weekend Ram and I took a trip to the woods. I wanted to clear my mind and connect to my center. When I'm grounded and centered I can hear my inner wisdom better. I was intent on answering a question that has been heavy on my heart. Should I stay in Israel or go… Continue reading Trip to the Woods

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Desert Shenanigans Part 1

I love the desert! So when Ram suggested we take a trip there, I was all in! A little over an hour into our drive the grass fields and lush trees faded to hills of sand and rocks. We snaked our way down to 400 meters below sea level to a that highway runs alongside… Continue reading Desert Shenanigans Part 1

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What you’re most afraid of

“Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.” -Robert Tew Since I started thru-hiking in 2015 I've hiked 3,750 miles! It makes me curious, how many miles have I hiked in my life?!  In 1990 I went on my first backpacking trip. My family hiked a 75… Continue reading What you’re most afraid of

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Epic ending

I’m so happy that we walked south. The north was kind of terrible (because of the season) but climbing through the Eilat Mountains down to the Sea was as epic as The Odyssey. Our last few days were spent hiking through Timna park and the Eilat Mountains. This area is incredible! With black mountains, red…… Continue reading Epic ending

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We planned on taking it a little easier. The previous day we did 25km in five hours so we will a little burnt. Then the highway was seven km farther than we'd thought... we had to push it hard because it's dark by 5:30. This realization happened at lunch when Ram check our distance and… Continue reading Unexpected 

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Sometimes life gives you gifts and your fear or your plans can get in the way. But I've learned if I'm flexible and I listen to the hints my experiences are better and easier. When I'm synchronized I feel like I'm on the right path.  From the big crater we hiked to Midreshet Ben Gurion.… Continue reading Synchronized 

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The small and the BIG

Our first few days in the desert we went through the small Makhtesh and along the edge of the big Makhtesh (the small and big craters)! Both are jaw dropping, ego shrinking sights. The cliffs, rocks, canyons and colors are mind blowing. I wish you could see them yourself.  The small crater was so special… Continue reading The small and the BIG