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Trip to the Woods

Last weekend Ram and I took a trip to the woods. I wanted to clear my mind and connect to my center. When I'm grounded and centered I can hear my inner wisdom better. I was intent on answering a question that has been heavy on my heart. Should I stay in Israel or go… Continue reading Trip to the Woods

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The Old City Part 2

The visa interview. The last step in getting a green card to the US. For us, that interview was last week at the US Consulate in Jerusalem. I was pretty bummed out when we arrived and I wasn't allowed to go in. It hurt a lot to not be by his side. Instead I sat… Continue reading The Old City Part 2

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The Old City Part 1

We finally made it to Jerusalem! If it wasn't for Ram's doctor appointment I don't know when we would have gone. He isn't very fond of Jerusalem. Luckily for me he didn't have much of a choice this time. After visiting Israel twice for about eight months total, it was about TIME I went! It's… Continue reading The Old City Part 1

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April is a big month for Ram and I.  Ram has a doctors appointment in Jerusalem that's required for the visa process; the only doctor in Israel who does these government exams. Ten days after that is his visa interview, also in Jerusalem. At the interview he could be granted a green card! It's exciting… Continue reading Passover

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Bedroom Demon

Something was in the bed... and it wasn't my husband. I dreamt that a needle poked my baby toe. It felt so real that I woke up halfway for a second but instantly passed back out. Later on, I'm not sure how much later, something big and sharp was on my arm, right on the… Continue reading Bedroom Demon

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Desert Shenanigans Part 1

I love the desert! So when Ram suggested we take a trip there, I was all in! A little over an hour into our drive the grass fields and lush trees faded to hills of sand and rocks. We snaked our way down to 400 meters below sea level to a that highway runs alongside… Continue reading Desert Shenanigans Part 1

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Story Time

If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all... I can't say anything nice today and more so I don't feel like saying anything nice. So instead I decide to share a few short stories I found off the internet. Two serious and one just for fun. Enjoy! Shark Bait During a… Continue reading Story Time